Northeast Church
of Long Island


Thrift Store

The following items have been graciously donated and are for sale:

Northeast Church Long Island is a new house church in Northeast Suffolk. So far, generous donations have allowed us to have this Web site at We also sponsor an online Meetup group, Conversations with God.

Currently, our ministries include Bible studies every other week as well as marriage support as needed.

We are looking for either desktop computers or laptops. They do not need to be working, but all the pieces need to be intact, so they can be made functional again. Sorry, we cannot accept most printers or monitors, but let us know what you have and we will take a look at it.

We can also accept some Christian themed artwork or figurines.

We will have to pass on furniture and clothes as well for now, but may be able to direct to other places where these items can be donated.

We may be able to pick up items in the Shoreham to Calverton vicinity. We also accept items on a consignment basis.

Northeast Church of Long Island is not a 501(c)(3) organization. We're a church in the eyes of God. The IRS may see it differently, so see the IRS guidelines and deduct at your own discretion.

IRS Rulings and Agreements (03-30-1999) Definition of a "Church" Administrative Guidance

Thanks to your generous donations, we have been able to secure a six month subscription to Meetup.  The purpose of Meetup is to use the Internet to get off the Internet and meet in person.  The Meetup subscription provides a way to keep in touch in between meetings, share photos, links and files.  Give it a try.

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